2023 CrossFit Games Results and Leaderboard

Individual Men and Individual Women are competing in the Games

The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games are taking place from Tuesday, August 1, to Sunday, August 6, in Madison, WI. The Age Group and Adaptive divisions began on Aug. 1 and will conclude on Aug. 3. Meanwhile, the Team Division and what some may consider the main attractions of the Games — the Individual Men and Individual Women divisions — begin Aug. 3 and crown their respective champions on Aug. 6.

Both the Team and Individual divisions will feature a two-tier cut to pare down the finalists. After the workouts on Friday, August 4, only the top 30 Teams and Individual competitors will continue on to Saturday. After Saturday’s workouts, only the top 20 Teams, the top 20 Individual Men, and the top 20 Individual Women will continue vying for the title.

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Two-time Mens champion Justin Medeiros is looking to become the third-ever three-time Mens winner. In the Women’s division, a new champion will be crowned for the first time in six years as the winningest victor in the history of the sport — Tia-Clair Toomey — sat out of the 2023 competitive season to raise her first child.

2023 CrossFit Games Leaderboard

Results will be updated as they become available.


  1. Noah Ohlsen
  2. Ant Haynes
  3. Will Moorad
  4. Samuel Kwant
  5. Bjornvin Karl Gudmundsson
  6. Brent Fikowski
  7. Jason Smith
  8. Cole Sager
  9. Jay Crouch
  10. Patrick Vellner
  11. Spencer Panchik
  12. Jonne Koski
  13. Alex Vigneault
  14. David Shorunke
  15. Bronislaw Olenkowicz
  16. Jake Douglas
  17. Samuel Cournoyer
  18. Chandler Smith
  19. Jeffrey Adler
  20. Uldis Upenieks
  21. Bayley Martin
  22. Michal Wesolowski
  23. Dallin Pepper
  24. Arthur Semenov
  25. Colten Mertens
  26. Henrik Haapalainen
  27. Justin Medeiros
  28. Mick Mathew
  29. Jack Farlow
  30. James Sprague
  31. Kaique Cerveny
  32. Moritz Fiebig
  33. Jelle Hoste
  34. Roman Khrennikov
  35. Jayson Hopper
  36. Lazar Dukic
  37. Luke Parker
  38. Fabian Beneito
  39. Cole Greashaber
  40. Morteza Sedeghat
  41. Kalyan Souza


  1. Annie Thorisdottir
  2. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
  3. Sydney Wells
  4. Arielle Loewen
  5. Amanda Barnhart
  6. Victoria Campos
  7. Emma McQuaid
  8. Feeroozeh Saghafi
  9. Jamie Simmonds
  10. Danielle Brandon
  11. Emily Rolfe
  12. Rebecka Vitesson
  13. Alexis Raptis
  14. Shelby Neal
  15. Paige Semenza
  16. Baylee Rayl
  17. Laura Horvath
  18. Bethany Flores
  19. Christine Kolenbrander
  20. Manon Angonese
  21. Karin Freyova
  22. Kelly Baker
  23. Gabriela Migala
  24. Matilde Garnes
  25. Caroline Stanley
  26. Emma Tall
  27. Michelle Basnett
  28. Shahad Budebs
  29. Ella Wunger
  30. Ellies Turner
  31. Paige Powers
  32. Alex Gazan
  33. Emily De Rooy
  34. Olivia Kerstetter
  35. Seher Kaya
  36. Emma Cary
  37. Emma Lawson
  38. Elisa Fuliano
  39. Alexia Williams
  40. Abigail Domit

2023 CrossFit Games Events

Day One

The first day of Individual competition will test the athletes with three separate events over the course of the day.

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Men and Women athletes compete in concurrent heats against their own respective divisions.


The first event of the contest may appear uncomplicated, but that certainly doesn’t make it easy. Athletes have 40 minutes to complete as many laps as possible riding on a Trek Bikes Marlin 8 mountain bike.

This event is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. CST. Results will be updated as they become available.



Pig Chipper

Competitors will have to manhandle the Pig — a specialized implement nearly eight-feet tall, roughly three-feet wide, and 20-inches high, weighing up to 254 kilograms (560 pounds). The unique equipment will be incorporated into a chipper-style workout requiring athletes to complete, as quickly as possible:

This event is scheduled to begin at 11:15 a.m. CST. Results will be updated as they become available.

How to Watch the CrossFit Games

Presuming you’re not attending the Games in Madison, WI, you can watch the 2023 CrossFit Games via the CrossFit app, or online at the CrossFit website (Games.CrossFit.com), YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

The Games Move Forward

The full field of Age Group athletes will continue showcasing their skills over the coming days until a champion is crowned in each of the nine categories. Breaking Muscle will continue delivering the action from Madison right to you. Check back regularly for official results and updated leaderboard standings.

Featured Image: Courtesy of CrossFit LLC

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