8 Best Robot Vacuums for Every Home and Budget (2022)

In the past few years, no product I’ve tested has advanced as quickly as the humble robot vacuum. Where once they ping-ponged randomly around your kitchen, you can now find robot vacs at every price point with an incredible array of features, including mapping capabilities, self-emptying bins, and even cameras.

Vacuuming an ever-changing household is a complicated task, and no robot vacuum is perfect. However, I test them in one of the most challenging environments possible — a carpeted, two-story family home with messy kids and a shedding dog — and personally, I find them indispensable. Whether you’re drowning in cat hair, need to lighten your chore load, or just want to spend more time with your family, we have a pick that will help.

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Updated May 2022: We’ve added new picks, such as the Roborock Q5 +, and cut a few older units.

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