Tommy Robinson Detained in Cancun

Leading British Islam critic Tommy Robinson was detained in Mexico landing at Cancun Friday and threatened with deportation, Gateway Pundit reveals exclusively. A customs officer detaining Tommy told him the detention was “for the United States”.

When Tommy, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, asked the customs guard for the reason he was being detained, the office told him the orders were “confidential from Mexico City” and for reasons of “national security.”

Tommy has visited Cancun twice without any issues. Speaking to the officer, Tommy noted he had not committed any crime in Mexico. “What I do in my home country is, I criticize Islam.”

“Ah, that was the reason”, the customs guard replied. Then the officer seemed to misspeak. “For United States… I can’t say the word, but for that reason Mexico do not allow you to enter.”

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Later, Mexican border officials told Tommy possibly the UK government was behind it.

Tommy’s family and three children are extremely distraught at the moment.

They were hoping to have a nice family vacation.

Is the failing Biden Regime telling other countries not to let in critics of Islam?

Authorities are threatening to deport Tommy within hours.

Support Tommy’s work and help towards any potential legal fees here.

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