Mike Lindell Is Being Put Out Of Business As Dozens Of TV Affiliates Refuse To Air His Commercials

Mike Lindell ranted and raved outside the Trump rally as dozens of local television affiliates have refused to air his commercials.


Lindell was asked whether these stations that are refusing to air his commercials were local, regional, or national affiliates, and he answered, “These are smaller. I don’t even have the list. When I get the list. You’ll be the first one to get it. I just heard it on Friday. I said what? Believe me, when they cancel, they will never get to sell my product again, just like those box stores. When you leave, it’s goodbye. Have a nice day. ”

In one respect, it does not matter if TV stations will air Lindell’s ads because his company is likely to be owned by Dominion Voting Systems after Lindell loses the lawsuit to them.

Anyone who couldn’t sleep at night has probably seen one of Lindell’s infomercials, or if you have watched Fox News, you have seen Lindell’s MyPillow commercials.

Lindell’s fanaticism for Trump election conspiracies is costing him his business. It is not surprising that many local affiliates do not want Lindell on their airwaves hawking his pillows. Lindell is one of the more toxic members of the Trump circle.

If TV stations keep cutting off Lindell, it is only a matter of time before he and MyPillow go for the big sleep.

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