Biden Using War In Ukraine To Push Green New Deal On The US (VIDEO)

In a recent monolgue on his show, Tucker Carlson suggested that the Biden administration is using the war in Ukraine to push the Green New Deal on the United States.

It’s not difficult to see this. Members of Biden’s administration have all but come out and said so directly in recent weeks.

The far left wants the country off of fossil fuels, and they’re using the conflict in Ukraine as an excuse to advance their agenda.

Real Clear Politics has a partial transcript:

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Biden keeps telling us these energy sanctions are going to crush Putin, but they haven’t. That’s clearly not true. Putin’s fine. The ruble has almost completely recovered since the day Russia invaded. So much for destroying the Russian economy and getting the Russian military to withdraw from Ukraine and yet we in the US are paying higher and higher gas prices thanks to these sanctions.

So, Biden is not hurting Vladimir Putin. Biden is hurting American citizens. Why? What exactly is this about? Well, the first thing you should know and never forget is that nothing changes a society faster than a war, even a war in another country. If you want to reorder a society, you’re going to need a major crisis in order to do it. The democratic process is not going to work for you.

The democratic process will never get you to total transformation because voters almost never want systemic change. They prefer incremental improvement and that’s why they tend to elect the very same people to office year after year.

They do that because radicalism — big change — scares them. They are not looking — and they are never looking — for massive, abrupt changes to the way they live. So again, if you want a revolution, you’re going to need some kind of emergency to justify it.

Watch the video below:

What does this say about the Democrats as a political party?

They are using a tragic situation to push an unpopular policy.

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