Tony Khan optimistic about potentially signing released WWE star Jeff Hardy

WWE made the decision to release Jeff Hardy almost three months ago, after the charismatic enigma shockingly walked out of a house show match.

As has been the case for many that departed the promotion, the former WWE Champion has found himself linked to AEW.

Jeff poured fuel on the fire when he outright declared he was joining AEWand Tony Khan had the opportunity to discuss the revelation during the media call for Revolution. He started immediately by playing down the certainty of Hardy’s signing, and clarified that he remains under a non-compete clause as it stands.

“I don’t think anybody should consider it a foregone conclusion. I do really like Jeff a lot, I think Jeff is still obligated to a company for at least several more days but at some point when Jeff is free and clear I would love to have Jeff in AEW. Jeff is a friend of mine, I really like him very much and I think the world of him, I have a lot of respect for him as a wrestler and he’s also a very nice person, and I think he would fit in very well in AEW and we would love to have him potentially. ” (25: 00-25: 27)

Jeff Hardy rejected a return to WWE

Jeff Hardy’s release came as a result of a belief that substance abuse had a part to play in his bebehavioruring the aforementioned live event. When the company offered Hardy a spell in rehab, his refusal led to the eventual decision to release him.

Reports emerged in January that Jeff had once again been offered a WWE return, with a view to being included in the 2022 class of the Hall of Fame. However, it is said that he declined and instead asked for his test results back.

Hardy’s own words served as the final nail in the coffin after his release and subsequent rejection, with the Charismatic Enigma set on a move to the Jacksonville-based promotion.

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