Toga declares her intentions to Deku and Uraraka, Shigaraki turns the table at UA

Fans had expected the focus to shift onto other ongoing fights in My Hero Academia Chapter 347.

No one expected the situation with Toga to take such a drastic turn. Considering it was confirmed that both Deku and Uraraka would feature on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 16, which comes out next week, it does make sense.

This chapter leaves the fight in UA at a cliff-hanger, but only after assuring the readers of Mirko’s survival. Shigaraki’s new evolution spells trouble for the ensemble of heroes.

Mirko survives, Deku learns about Danger Sense’s handicap in My Hero Academia Chapter 347

“You turned to be quite the letdown, Eraser-Head” MHA Chapter 346Done by me# MHA346

In the last chaptera considerable number of pro-heroes and hero-students came together to make UA fortified against Shigaraki.

Monoma copied Erasure and used it to nullify all of Shigaraki’s quirks. However, Shigaraki started to grow hands from his left arm. This growth overran UA and attacked Mirko.

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 is titled “Inflation. ”

The situation at UA

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My Hero Academia Chapter 347 starts with the heroes asking Monoma what went wrong. Monoma assures everyone that Aizawa’s Erasure and his Copy are both working properly.

Shigaraki himself answers this question by stating that it is a natural growth of his body, similar to the growth of nails or hair. He further states that this outcome was predicted in Dr. Garaki’s Quirk-Singularity theory, which the heroes are unaware of because they refuse to take it seriously.

Meanwhile, Mirko survives the attack but loses her prosthetic right leg and left arm. However, she is immediately provided with spares, and the hero team gets ready to take on Shigaraki.

# MHA347 Bruh did they really need to make Shiggy even more ridiculously op lol. I thought the fight against star & stripes served to nerf him, What was even the point if he comes back even more brokenOn the good side Mirko has prothesis spares so she’s not down yet.

Mandalay manages to contact Deku, who informs them that he had been taken to Okuto Island by Toga. He requests Aizawa to warp him to UA However, since Monoma can use only one copied Quirk at a time, he will have to turn off Erasure to activate Warp Gate. Best Jeanist calculates that the whole process should require 10 seconds in total.

However, by this point, Shigaraki’s hands have covered UA completely, enabling him to activate Decay as soon as Monoma lets go of Erasure. Considering the risks, Aizawa tells Deku to get to UA on his own while they try to hold off Shigaraki.

Deku’s predicament

Overhaul wasn’t lying when he hyped up Moonfish as a key piece. Def was a trick by Horikoshi to try & make us write him off after a clash with max output Dark Shadow. Also by some miracle, that new suit manages to be creepier than the last. ????# MHA347 #ShadzMHA # MyHeroAcademia347

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 then shifts to Okuto Island, which is situated 200 km offshore in the Pacific Ocean. The aquarium from Chapter 325 is the main attraction on the island, and Gang Orca is its director.

He is currently seen battling Moonfish and multiple Nomus, who are overwhelming the heroes. Asui reports to Sirius that the last attack has separated them from Uraraka and Deku.

Elsewhere, Deku informs Uraraka that he has to make it back to UA by himself, and she urges him to make haste. However, Toga lunges at Deku with her knife, genuinely pleading with him not to leave her as she loves him.

The Fourth User of OFAHikage Shinomori, informs Deku that Danger Sense considers a person’s intent behind an act, not the act itself.

Deku and Uraraka realize that Toga hurts people out of genuine affection, just as she expresses her desire to be with Izuku.


I love when authors incorporate situational restrictions or handicaps in that make perfect sense and logically fit in the given situation. Highlights the intricacy and planning within the writing. ????????# MHA347 #ShadzMHA # MyHeroAcademia347

Most fans have theorized that Mirio Togata is likely to take part in fighting Shigaraki since his Quirk would be a good counter to this new development. Either way, the heroes are more handicapped than Shigaraki at the moment and need all the help they can get.

Considering that My Hero Academia Chapter 347 shows Sirius on Okuto Island, Selkie and other members of the Oki Mariner Crew should also be present there. Moonfish and the Nomus seem to be giving the heroes a hard time, and it remains to be seen how they will navigate the situation.

Toga’s declaration in My Hero Academia Chapter 347 has surprised fans. However, it has been theorized that Deku will likely leave for UA, while Uraraka stays here to handle Toga.

Horikoshi stated in Jump Festa 2022 that Toga and Ochako will work as foils and will have a confrontation before the end of the series. My Hero Academia Chapter 348 could be centered around this face-off.

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