Reebok Power Rangers Sneakers Turn Rita, Zedd, Rito Into Shoes

Image for article titled Reebok & # 39; s Next Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Collection Finally Gives the Show & # 39; s Best Villains a Sole

Image: Reebok

Last June, Reebok collaborated with Hasbro for a collection of five limited edition sneakers that took their inspiration from the heroic costumes worn by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the original live-action series. Reebok went so far as to even theme the shoeboxes, with all five assembling to form an image of the Megazordbut there was a glaring omission the shoe maker is finally addressing: the show’s villains.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would not exist were it not for the likes of Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and Rito Revolto, so for its second MMPR collection, Reebok is focusing on the show’s villains with a smaller collection that looks about as wild as you remember the show being .

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