Reddit bans links to Russian state media across the entire site

Reddit isn’t done clamping down on misinformation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The social hub has banned links to state-supported Russian media outlets across the entire site, and for all users worldwide. While numerous subreddits already banned links to outlets like RT and Sputnik, this will make it harder to share the content anywhere.

The site has also barred ads that either originate from Russia or target the country. Reddit recently quarantined the r / Russia subreddit, keeping it out of searches and recommendations while prompting a warning to visitors.

Reddit features the move as showing support for Ukraine. It also suggested this was part of a broader effort to curb misinformation, arguing that quarantines and similar practices made it difficult for “coordinated disinformation attempts” to take root.

This won’t prevent determined users from sharing Russian state media content, as they can use proxy sites or republish articles in their posts. It might also complicate attempts to counter Russia’s official message while using state-supported articles as reference points. It’s not surprising that Reddit would limit links, though. Between an EU ban on these outlets and crackdowns from tech industry leaders like Google and MetaReddit faces extensive pressure to take action.

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