Marco Rubio And Steve Daines Jeopardize Zelensky’s Life By Tweeting Screenshots From Meeting

US Senators were asked not to tweet during their Zoom meeting with Zelensky, but that did not stop Sens. Rubio and Daines from jeopardizing the Ukrainian president’s life.

Daines and Rubio tweeted:

Rep. Dean Phillips said that they were told not to tweet:

Rubio and Daines jeopardized the safety of Zelensky so that they could crow on social media that they were meeting with the Ukrainian president.

Putin has already tried to assassinate Zelensky at least three times and has been foiled in each attempt. Given that the President of Ukraine is the top target on Putin’s hit list, one would think that Republican Senators would be more careful and follow the instructions that they were given by Ukrainian Ambassador.

Marco Rubio is still burning with presidential ambition, but his actions continue to be those of a reckless incompetent who shouldn’t hold a seat in the Senate, much less the Oval Office.

It is almost as if Republicans are trying to get Zelensky killed with their entitled and selfish behavior.

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