Julian Edelman has hilarious reaction to Tom Brady’s bombshell unretirement news

Retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady broke the internet by announcing on Twitter that he had decided to unretire and return for his 23rd NFL season in 2022.

NFL fans and players swarmed Brady’s Twitter post, which had nearly 400,000 likes and almost 200,000 retweets in less than an hour. But perhaps nobody had a more apt reaction to the news than Brady’s close friend and former teammate Julian Edelman.

The retired wide receiver quoted the tweet and replied with a GIF of a famous scene from the hit comedy series “The Office.” Click on the embed below to check out Edelman’s hilarious response to Brady’s post:

twitter.com/tombrady/statu… https://t.co/0wmDn3dLQn

Julian Edelman uses Michael Scott to respond to Tom Brady’s unretirement news

In the iconic scene, Michael Scott, played by actor Steve Carrell, quarrels with his girlfriend Jan Levinson, portrayed by actress Jennifer Taylor-Clarke, at a dinner party with his colleagues in attendance. He reveals that he had multiple vasectomies and reversed them multiple times upon Jan’s behest.

Michael angrily says, “Snip-snap, snip-snap,” with a scissor motion to highlight that he had multiple vasectomies, only to have them reversed each time. Watch the clip below:

Edelman posted a GIF with the “snip-snap” moment from the scene in response to Tom Brady’s quick u-turn on his decision to retire from the NFL.

Tom Brady’s shock return has the internet shellshocked

While many expected Brady to return this season, the timing has everyone shocked. The 44-year-old superstar announced his retirement on February 2 and announced his desire to return only 39 days later.

Brady was linked with a move to the San Francisco 49ers, the team he rooted for in his childhood days. The quarterback was born and raised in San Mateo, a suburb just 16 miles away from San Francisco.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians brushed aside rumors of the team entertaining the possibility of trading Brady’s rights, saying it would be bad business and jokingly adding that it would take five first-round picks for the team to even consider letting the quarterback join an NFC rival.

Brady’s post suggests that he will be returning to the Buccaneers for a third season with the franchise. He led the team to victory in Super Bowl 55, orchestrating a clinical offensive display against the Kansas City Chiefs and helping the Buccaneers trounce them 31-9.

He had an incredible 2021 campaign, leading the league in passing yards with 5,316 and throwing 43 touchdown passes. At 44, Tom Brady is still near his peak, which is why many expected him to return for the 2022 NFL season.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion has now made it official that he’s returning to hoist the Lombardi trophy for the eighth time in his storied career.

Edited by Jay Lokegaonkar

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