Iran Requests Obama / Biden Remove Its Revolutionary Guard from the Terrorist Watch List in Deal Being Worked On

Obama / Biden’s Iran deal is the reported reason that candidate Trump got in the Presidential race of 2020. President Trump has often referred to it as the worst deal in world history. Based on Trump’s career of doing deals, he had knowledge of good and bad deals.

Later we found out that Obama’s deal with Iran may have been the reason for Obama to move forward with the Russia collusion lie. Obama did not want President Trump to find out the truth about the Iran deal.

Lee Smith: Obamagate Began with Obama’s Iran Deal and His Domestic Spying Campaign on General Flynn Who Promised to Publicize Obama’s Secret Deals with Iran

As soon as Biden had successfully stolen the 2020 Election, he and no doubt Obama presented Iran with a deal that they could not refuse. Their gifts to Iran, lacking any real requests for much of anything, were received by a shocked Iranian team. But Iran wanted more.

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IRAN DEAL UPDATE: Biden / Obama’s Efforts to Give Iran Everything to Sign a Deal Are Failing as Iran Demands More

Now it looks like Iran is asking that their terrorist Revolutionary Guard be removed from the US’s terrorist watch list. Iran knows there is nothing that Obama / Biden won’t give them after receiving billions in Obama’s last term in office.

The Biden administration is weighing whether to remove the feared Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from terror lists and to lift other sanctions as he tries to deliver a new nuclear deal.

It is one of the most controversial concessions offered by Rob Malley, the State Department’s special envoy to Iranat a time when talks are in a critical phase.

The Trump administration declared the IRGC to be a terrorist organization in 2019, accusing it of providing funding, training and equipment to other groups worth one billion dollars each year.

Other sources are noting specific individuals Iran wants to be removed from the terrorist watch list.

Iran knows they can get anything from Obama / Biden. What we don’t know is why Obama / Biden are so eager to give it to them.

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