How to complete the FUT 20 SBC in FUT 22

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has yet another single-task SBC as part of the FUT Birthday celebration, and this one offers the FUT 20 SBC to all the players. These SBCs are simple to complete, but they offer packs as rewards.

If a player is lucky enough, they will receive a special FUT Birthday card or other essential items for their FUT squads. The FUT Birthday promo celebrates the anniversary of the Ultimate Team mode. As part of the promos, unique cards have been made available to all the players.

These special items have 5 * permanent upgrades in the Weak Foot or Skill Moves department. There’s no guaranteed way to get a FUT Birthday item for the packs. However, players will get another chance to obtain one upon completion of the FUT 20 SBC.

Task, cost and review of the FUT 20 SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Task of the SBC

Leagues: Min 3

Same Nation Count: Max 4

Same Club Count: Max 3

Rare: Min 6

Squad Rating: Min 70

Team Chemistry: Min 80

# of players in the Squad: 10

The FUT 20 SBC has a completion cost of between 6,000-9,000 FUT coins based on the user’s platform. As always, there’s a lot of scope for the usage of fodder cards that will help bring down the final costs.

Like all previous series releases, the FUT 20 SBC will also be live in the game for two days. It’s also non-repeatable and can only be completed once by every player.

Review of the FUT 20 SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Once players complete the FUT 20 SBC, they will get a Premium Mixed Players pack. Quality-wise, the rewards are not as good as those of the last two days.

However, it’s also not as bad as some FUT SBCs. There are chances for it to contain at least something usable. As with all FUT SBCsplayers should do it for the additional FUT Birthday Swaps token.

These tokens are now usable across different swaps. These swaps have great rewards, including guaranteed FUT Birthday player items. Hence, every FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player must complete the FUT 20 SBC.

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