History Channel will tell the tale of the Hummer EV with a documentary

If you ever wondered how General Motors, one of the biggest automakers on the planet, went from 0 to EV so quickly while managing to reinvent its iconic Hummer SUV, former-poster child of automotive excess, as a future-facing electric vehicle, the History Channel has a show for you. Revolution: GMC Hummer EV will take a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the all-electric supertruck when it premieres Sunday, March 21st at 11am ET.

“Our goal was to determine what an electric vehicle is capable of and push the boundaries from 100 years of vehicle development experience,” Executive Chief Engineer for the Hummer EV, Josh Tavel, said in a press statement. “This documentary captures the soul of a team capable of incredible innovation and resilience. Their learnings are laying the foundation for vehicle development for decades to come. ”

The hour-long documentary, produced by Hiatus and Detroit-based WTP Pictures and directed by Sean King O’Gradyfollowed the Hummer development team over the course of two years of design at the Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan followed by grueling environmental testing at GM’s proving grounds in Milford and Yuma.

If you miss the live premiere, Revolution will hit History on Hulu, History.com and the GMC YouTube page the following Sunday, April 3rd.

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