Florida Man Tries To Get Out Of Speeding Ticket By Blaming Putin

A Florida man told police that he was speeding because he heard that Putin was going to launch a nuclear war and he was trying to get back to his house.


The guy gets pulled over and says, “I am sorry, sir.”

The officer responds, “There was no reason for that all. Put people’s lives into safety, everything. ”

The man replies, “I know. I’m trying. To tell you the truth, ok, I just found out that Putin just said he’s going to launch nuclear thermal war against the world, and I was trying to get back to my house to find out what’s going on. “

The guy could have checked his phone or turned on the radio in his car, but he claims that he had to get home in case Putin was going to blow up the world.

Unless his home is an underground bomb shelter, there was no reason to rush back and potentially cause an accident.

The police are not likely to have bought that one.

Putin is committing war crimes and killing children in Ukraine. He is the epitome of evil, but Putin is not the cause of speeding tickets in Florida.

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