DONGKIZ’s Jaechan accused of school bullying, agency denies

DONGKIZ fans were left in shock after member Jaechan was accused of being a school bully.

The South Korean singer-songwriter and actor made his music debut in 2019 with DONGKIZ. Apart from his music career, Jaechan has also starred in a number of variety shows and web dramas, the latest being Watcha’s Semantic Error.

This is the second time DONGKIZ’s Jaechan has been accused of school bullying

The idol was called out for his alleged bullying back in school via a Twitter thread. An unnamed netizen (henceforth called Netizen A) claimed that Jaechan had solely targeted female classmates. A said:

“Park Jae Chan who played Semantic Error’s Choo Sang Woo was a school bully. He has been bullying only female classmates since elementary school. He would antagonize other students with his group of bullies and he smoked in the classroom. You know the truth before you like him. “

시멘틱 에러 추상 우 역할 로 박재찬 박재찬 나쁜 양아치 였던 놈 입니당 초딩 때 부터 여자애 여자애 들 (만) 괴롭 히고 다닌 쓰레기 요 요 끼리 끼리 끼리 몰려 다니면서 좆 짓 하고 다니고 에서 당당 담배 담배 ㅛ 었음 할거면 알고 알고 알고 ..

Netizen A also included the idol’s graduation photos as proof of their claim.

The anonymous accuser also claimed that Jaechan held a low opinion of fans of idols until he himself became a trainee.

“He used to say idol fans are pathetic and talked bad about all the male idols until he became one of the trainees in 9th grade. So we used to say that labels don’t care about the past. Please share the picture of him smoking and holding a random wood beam that he uploaded on his social media if you have a screenshot of it. “

중 빠순이 들 한심 하다 거 욕 하고 온갖 남자 아이돌 욕 하더니 중 중 때 때 히트 연습생 됐 됐 대서 빅 히트 는 도 안보 냐는 말 ㄹ 나왔던 기억 이 나네요 그 후론 머 데뷔 를 했는지 어 쨌는 모르고 살았 는데 빨리 는 는 는 봅니당

The claims made by Netizen A were corroborated by other Twitter users. One of them claimed to be from the same school and alleged that the singer was notorious throughout the school for his bullying.

The DONGKIZ member is currently signed with Dongyo Entertainment. In light of the allegations, the agency released a statement vehemently denying all accusations.

Dongyo Entertainment stated that they had cross-checked the accusations with the idol. They also stated that the background check was done prior to the idol’s debut with the group and had revealed no such allegations.

Dongyo Entertainment stated that they would be filing lawsuits against those who spread the allegedly false information. The agency also asked fans for support and stated that anyone with information should contact them.

Read their full statement:

Dongyo Entertainment & # 039; s statement (Image via Twitter)
Dongyo Entertainment’s statement (Image via Twitter)

Incidentally, this is not the first time the idol has been accused of being involved in school bullying. Prior to his debut in 2019, another anonymous netizen had accused the DONGKIZ idol of school bullyingstating that Jaechan had a “trash personality.”

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