Democrats Get A Huge Win In Wisconsin As Supreme Court Tosses Gerrymandered Map

Republicans in Wisconsin lost a 4-3 decision in the state Supreme Court that rejected their heavily gerrymandered map. reported:

The state’s high court issued a 4-3 ruling in favor of maps proposed last year by Evers, with conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn, a regular swing vote on the court, siding with fellow liberal justices Rebecca Dallet, Ann Walsh Bradley, and Jill Karofsky in the ruling.

The majority concluded that maps proposed by the governor most align with the court’s ruling last year that the state’s next 10-year maps will be drawn with a “least change” approach to existing maps – a proposal made by legislative Republicans seeking to minimize changes to the existing maps they drew in secret in 2011 that have helped the GOP secure longstanding majorities in the state Senate and Assembly.

Republicans Have Had Gerrymandered Maps In Multiple States Rejected

Republicans have had gerrymandered maps in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolinaand Wisconsin rejected by the courts.

Donald Trump did everything imaginable to corrupt the Census, hoping that a rigged census would benefit Republicans when it was time to redraw the legislative maps for the next decade.

Republicans have drawn their gerrymandered maps, but in swing states and otherwise, the maps have been rejected and replaced with fair maps that eliminate the sorts of extreme partisan gerrymanders that would have benefited the Republican Party.

The economy is setting records, COVID is increasingly in the rearview mirror, and the maps that Republicans dreamed would give them a House majority for a decade are being tossed in the trash by state supreme courts.

It is a great day for democracy.

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