Bypass Woke Corporations And Get Your MyPillows Straight From The Source (With A Huge Discount)

Mike Lindell has been attacked by the Left since the day he announced his support for President Trump.

Mike fought for conservatives – and he’s still working to get to the bottom of the 2020 election.

In retaliation for Mike’s efforts, the Left took MyPillow products out of big box stores and off their shopping channels.

But there’s a silver lining: Mike has now partnered with sites like Gateway Pundit to offer lower prices than were ever possible before.

Mike’s Standard MyPillow was $ 69.98 – now it’s only $ 19.98 when you use promo code TGP (Gateway Pundit benefits when you use that code).

Mike says, “You can get the lowest prices in the history of MyPillow!”

The queen size MyPillow was $ 79.98 – now it’s only $ 24.98 with promo code TGP.

The king size MyPillow was $ 89.98 – now it’s only $ 29.98 with promo code TGP.

MyPillows are:

– Made with the patented interlocking fill

– Standard – 18.5 ″ x 26 ″

– Queen – 18.5 ”x 28 ″

– King – 18.5 ″ x 34 ″

– Machine washable and dryable

– Available in Medium and Firm

If you’re not sure whether to get medium or firm, use this helpful fitting guide:

And, of course, MyPillows come with amazing warranties and guarantees:

– 10-year warranty

– 60-day money back guarantee

Order yours by clicking here – use promo code TGP!

Here’s what people say about MyPillow:

– “I was skeptical at first. I really thought that I had made a mistake. This is now my favorite pillow and I am going to order another one. Thanks, Mike !!! ”

– “This is the 4th year I’ve bought these pillows for Christmas gifts. When the grandkids come to my house, they used to fight over who gets the MyPillows. Not anymore. MyPillows are the only pillows on our beds. ”

– “Have used these pillows for many years and have purchased several for our family! We are all extremely pleased with these pillows and that is why we are purchasing more as special gifts !! ”

Click here to get this amazing deal on MyPillows with promo code TGP.

At the top of the MyPillow site, look for this box:

Enter TGP where it says “ENTER PROMO CODE HERE” and click CONFIRM.

You’ll get your discount and support Mike Lindell and Gateway Pundit.

Hurry – we don’t know how long this sale will last.

If you already have a MyPillow and want to look for other great deals from Mike, check out the TGP discounts page at by clicking here.

Thank you!

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