Biden Is Sharing Intel With Ukraine Within 30-60 Minutes Of Getting It

President Biden is making sure that US intelligence on Russian tactics and movements is shared with Ukraine at lightning speed.

Biden Is Getting Intel To Ukraine Fast

CNN reported:

Sources familiar with the intelligence said it is indeed being downgraded, but primarily to scrub sensitive sources and methods – a particular concern given the logistical challenges with establishing fully secure lines with Ukrainian officials amid the Russian onslaught.

In most cases, two sources familiar with the sharing system said, the intelligence being shared involves information about Russian force movements and locations, as well as intercepted communications about their military plans. And it is typically being provided to Ukrainian officials sometimes as quickly as within 30 minutes to an hour of the US receiving it, one of the sources said.

Ukraine Has Been Well Prepared Because Biden Is Feeding Them Intel

There are limitations to what the US can do because they can’t fly drones in Ukraine, or Russia will shoot them down. The war complicates gathering human intelligence, but the United States is not sitting back and allowing Putin to surprise Ukraine with any movements.

Russia has a dominant force advantage in Ukraine, but the US intel allows the Ukrainians to fight back effectively to defend their country, which is bad news for Putin because the window is rapidly closing for a lightning-quick occupation of Ukraine.

As each day passes, the invasion becomes the sort of horrible slog that leads to staggering losses of life and exacts a high cost on Putin for what is increasingly looking like a strategic blunder in Ukraine.

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