Biden Creates The Most Jobs In His First 13 Months In US History

The latest strong jobs report means that President Biden has created the most jobs in his first 13 months of any president in history.

Biden Makes History With Job Growth


President Biden said:

Today, we have learned that, in February, our economy was created 678,000 new jobs. Over the course of my presidency, our economy has now created 7.4 million jobs, more jobs created in 13 months than at any time before in our history.

We have learned that, in February, the employment rate fell to 3.8%, down from 6.4% the day I took office. This is the fastest decline in unemployment in recorded history. Because of all of you. By the way, before the American rescue plan passed, the congressional budget office did not project the unemployment rate to hit 3.8% at any time over the entire decade. Americans are back to work.

Manufacturing jobs are being created at a pace that has not been seen in decades. President Biden is keeping his promise. He is doing more than bringing America back to its previous level. Biden is taking the American economy to places that it has never gone before.

Part of the explanation is the unique circumstances surrounding bouncing back from a pandemic, but not every country is seeing the same growth as the United States.

Biden’s policies are working, and they are making the US economy the envy of the world.

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