Another Netflix production was robbed, this time on the set of ‘Lupin’

Netflix has been the victim of two big on-set robberies in the space of two days, Variety has reported. On February 24th, $ 200,000 worth of antique props were reportedly stolen after thieves broke into vehicles used for production of The Crown. And just a day later, 20 thieves with covered faces broke onto the set of Lupine while star Omar Sy was filming and made off with € 300,000 ($ 333,000) worth of equipment.

The Lupine heist happened in a northwest Paris suburb called Nanterre. The thieves reportedly set off mortar-style fireworks before making off with the equipment. “There was an incident on Feb. 25 while filming the upcoming [part 3] season of Lupine“Netflix confirmed to Variety. “Our cast and crew are safe and there were no injuries.” Nanterre authorities have launched an investigation.

Lupine is Netflix’s second-biggest international hit after Squid Games and has helped touch off a production boom in the French capital, along with series like Emily in Paris and Call My Agent. Recently, France decreed that streaming services like Netflix and Disney + must reinvest at least 25 percent of revenue earned in the country on local productions.

Sy is once again in the role of Assane Diop, a character inspired by the Arsène Lupin gentleman thief / master of disguise detective developed by French author Maurice Leblanc. Just hours after the attack, Sy appeared at France’s Cesar awards to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Intouchables (Untouchables).

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