Anderson Cooper Fights Back Tears During Reports On Putin War Crimes Against Ukrainian Children

CNN’s Anderson Cooper got choked up and fought back tears while reporting on Putin’s war crimes against children in Ukraine.


Cooper responded to the report that sick children who are receiving palliative care are being forced to flee Russian attacks by saying:

I know this is a cliché, but I mean, if moms ruled the world, things would be a lot different. The strength of that mom who’s getting just beeps on the phone when she calls back to her village that’s been bombed and she can’t reach her husband and her other children, and she’s on this train hurtling in the dead of night with her daughter on the floor. I mean, Jesus. This is, it’s just, this is just awful. This is just awful.

Later in the same broadcast, Cooper fought back tears after showing footage of mothers screaming that their children were killed after Russians bombed an apartment complex:

The Ukrainian Children Hospice Attacks Are Putin War Crimes

The suffering of the Ukrainian people is heartbreaking, and the world was warned that after his first attempt at an invasion stalled, Putin was going to get a crueler and attack civilians.

Putin is committing grievous war crimes in Ukraine. In Europe, these crimes have not been witnessed since the war in Bosnia and Milošević in the 1990s.

Vladimir Putin must be held accountable for his actions. Justice will not be served for what he is doing to the people of Ukraine until he is put on trial for crimes against humanity.

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