14 Best Weighted Blankets (2022): Cooling, Throws, and Robes

We love to be smushed under 20 pounds as we drift off to dreamland; to lounge on the couch in a weighted robe; or to be compressed into a body-sized sock (more on that later). Touch releases oxytocin in your brain. This hormone contributes to our overall well-being and our ability to handle stress. It’s one of the reasons why we swaddle newborns. It soothes our anxiety-riddled bones.

But we don’t always have someone to squeeze us. Weighted blankets use pressure to simulate the feeling of being gently held. It’s similar to the hug machineinvented by Temple Grandin, that uses pressure to calm those on the autism spectrum who don’t like physical touch from others. If you have an emotional disorder, there isn’t a lot of science-backed research on this, so you should consult your doctor. But my colleague Jaina Gray and I both suffer from anxiety disorders, and these blankets and sweaters have been a big help.

We’ve tested several; here are the best. Be sure to check out our other guidesincluding our roundup of products to help people go to sleepthe Best Sound Machinesand the Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks.

Updated March 2022: We’ve added blankets from Bearaby, Brooklinen, Thera, and YNM, as well as Thera’s robe. We also added info about each company’s return policy and added more advice to the Before You Buy section.

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