1/6 Committee Nails Trump With Damning Private Schedule Evidence

Trump’s private schedule for January 6, 2021 reveals that he lied to his supporters about marching to the Capitol with them.

On page 196 of the 1/6 Committee’s Eastman filing is Trump’s private schedule for the day of the Capitol attack:

Despite what he said at the rally, Trump would never march with his supporters. His schedule with handwritten notes about the meeting with his kids before his remarks and other items shows that Donald Trump’s plan was always to go to the rally, speak to the crowd, then go back to the White House.

Trump would never even do something as small as symbolically walk a few steps with them.

It appears that Trump planned to incite the crowd, then hide the White House while they stopped the certification of the election.

Trump’s private schedule reveals the truth, and it adds evidence to the claim that Trump was knowingly inciting an attack on the Capitol to buy time for the other areas of his plot to overturn the election to unfold.

The evidence is damning. The attack on the Capitol was a vital part of the scheme to overturn the election, but Trump never counted on Nancy Pelosi getting the Congress back to work as soon as the Capitol was cleared and the results being certified for Joe Biden.

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