WWE fans notice hilarious botch in Dana Brooke / Reggie RAW segments

Dana Brooke and Reggie have been part of a romance storyline on WWE’s Monday Night RAW in recent weeks. Reggie finally turned on Brooke on Valentine’s Day this week, when she once again reiterated that he was in the friend zone.

Following last night’s episode, WWE fans have taken to social media to reveal an interesting botch, after Reggie attempted to start a relationship with Brooke whilst she was still wearing her engagement ring.

If you’re gonna do a potential romance spot can SOMEONE tell @DanaBrookeWWE to take her damn wedding ring off! You wonder why it’s tough to get into these storylines. It’s really NOT that hard. You’re telling me there’s NO ONE in the back who notices these things? ????‍♂️ #WWERaw https://t.co/bSRLiPVJ3z

It appears that this could have been a complete oversight by the company since Brooke’s character isn’t supposed to be engaged.

WWE star Dana Brooke is engaged to boxer / martial arts star Ulysses Diaz

Dana Brooke has been in a relationship with professional boxer Ulysses Diaz since the beginning of 2020. The couple announced their engagement after just over a year of dating last summer when a video of Diaz’s proposal was posted on Instagram.

Brooke has since noted that her fiancé is open to making a move over to WWE after making a name for herself in several combat sports. Diaz is yet to make a move over to the company, but this storyline could be heading in that direction. Brooke’s latest push could be a way to allow her partner to make his debut.

Brooke held the 24/7 Championship from November 22, 2021, all the way up until last night, as Reggie was able to protect her from Tamina, Akira Tozawa, and R-Truth a number of times. The couple struck up a friendship and Reggie hoped that it would lead to something more. But when Brooke noted that this was not the case, the former Champion decided to reclaim his title instead.

Reggie is now a three-time 24/7 Champion and ended Brooke’s reign at 84 days.

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