Wisconsin Speaker Vos and Senator Bernier Are Now Pushing Legislation to Give a Head Start to Election Cheating – They Want to Pass It Today!

Wisconsin state Senator Kathy Bernier and Speaker Robin Vos are at it again!

That means Trump supporters and conservatives are about to get screwed again by these two treasonous RINOs.

The Gateway Pundit was tipped off this morning that Vos and Bernier are pushing legislation that gives a head start to the election cheating.

The bill, Senate Bill 214 allows ballot envelopes to be opened on Monday before the election and tabulation of the ballots on Tuesday giving a head start for cheating!

You just can’t make this up! We know these people are not Trump supporters. But are they even Republicans?

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Here is the language from Senate Bill 214.

This bill authorizes the municipal board of absentee ballot canvassers in such a municipality to begin canvassing absentee ballots on the day before an election, subject to the following requirements:

1. The board must convene its meeting no earlier than 7 am on the day before the election nor later than 10 pm on election day. The meeting must continue until all absentee ballots have been counted, except that, if the meeting convenes on the day before the election, the meeting must adjourn no later than 10 pm that day and must reconvene no earlier than 7 am on election day.

2. At least daily while ballots are being canvassed, the municipal clerk or his or her designee must post, at his or her office and on the Internet at a site announced by the clerk before canvassing begins, and must make available to any person upon request, a statement that shows the number of absentee ballots that the board has canvassed and the number of absentee ballots remaining to be canvassed.

This bill cannot be passed by the Wisconsin legislature!

** You can contact the state legislature here.

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