Vince Russo on how to book Veer Mahaan

Vince Russo believes WWE is ribbing Veer Mahaan with all the vignettes being aired on RAW for several months now.

Veer was drafted to Monday Night RAW during the 2021 WWE Draft while his associates Shanky and Jinder Mahal were moved to SmackDown. However, the superstar has not been seen on the red brand since then, except for a few video packages hyping his eventual appearance.

Speaking on this week’s episode of the Legion of RAW podcast, Vince Russo suggested how WWE could salvage the angle after months of teasing Veer Mahaan on RAW. Russo mentioned that the company should book Mahaan to walk out of the crowd, grab the mic and cut a promo on how his appearance has been delayed for months.

Here’s what Russo had to say about Mahaan’s vignette:

“The only way you pay this off is if they get ready to start a match, it’s Miz’s music, entrance and freaking Veer Mahan fully dressed, comes through the crowd and gets the microphone and goes, ‘Okay, the rib is up.’ That’s the only way this gets over. And then he goes, ‘If you’re not going to name my debut, I will. I’m going to be here next week to kick somebody’s butt.’ That’s the only way you can get it. ” (from 41:28 onwards)

You can watch the full episode of Legion of RAW here:

Adam Pearce also hyped Veer Mahaan’s appearance on RAW

During the show, WWE Official Adam Pearce also took to Twitter to hype Veer Mahaan on RAW.

The post seemed to be a rib on the weekly vignettes hyping Mahaan’s appearance on the red brand. The tweet read:

“I can assure you, he has not veered off course.”

NXT Superstar Indi Hartwell also took to social media to show her excitement at seeing Mahaan on RAW.

When do you think Veer Mahaan will finally get a chance to appear on RAW? Sound off in the comments!

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