Trump Backs Trucker Convoy: ‘Mandates Are Very, Very Bad, You Can Push People So Far’

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump lent his support to the Canadian trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests that are currently taking place throughout Canada.

Trump made his remarks during an Fox News interview ” Fox & Friends Weekend. “

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Trump On Convoy Protest: ‘People all over the world are watching, and they have respect for what they are doing’

The former president praised vaccination efforts but called mandates “very bad.”

The Freedom Convoy is protesting a cross-border vaccine mandate that affects cross-border truckers.

Trump said, “People all over the world are watching, and they have respect for what they are doing. They’re tired of being pushed around by incompetent people, being told what to do, being forced with the mandates. ”

“The mandates should not have happened,” Trump insisted.

“I’m very proud of Warp Speed,” Trump said, referring to the push to develop and distributes vaccines while he was president. “Everybody has given us credit. Nobody thought it was possible to do what we did. And that includes therapeutics by the way Regeneron and the various therapeutics that worked so well. ”
“But what we did with Warp Speed ​​was great,” Trump continued.

“The mandates are very, very bad – very, very bad. And I think there’s a lot of respect for what they are doing, ”Trump said referring to the protesters.

He then warned that there is a far greater danger, though he did not go into detail, saying that the US was “far more of a tinderbox” than Canada.

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Trump: ‘Our country is a tinderbox, too’

“I see they have Trump signs all over the place, and I’m proud that they do,” he added. “But that’s what happens. You can push people so far. ”

“And our country is a tinderbox, too,” Trump claimed. “Don’t kid yourself.”

“And there are plenty of our country up there right now, folks,” Trump said. “When you look at what’s happening – when you look at what’s happening in Canada.”

“Our country, I think, is far more of a tinderbox than Canada,” the former president warned.

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