The Russians Are Frustrated Because Biden And The West Are Stopping Their Propaganda

Russia’s propagandists are frustrated that without Donald Trump, Biden and the West are calling out their lies.

Russian media analyst Julia Davis tweeted:

Outside of Tucker Carlson and people like Sen. Josh Hawley in Congress, the Russian propaganda effort has fallen flat.

The main reason why the propaganda has failed to gain any traction is the President and his administration openly calling out Russian lies.

Russia was able to successfully get away with the same playbook for years because, at first, the West was surprised by their tactics, and then Putin had Trump in office who allowed him to do whatever he pleased.

Putin’s status was made clear when Donald Trump chose to believe the lies of the Russian ruler over US intelligence.

The Russian propaganda is not working this time because President Biden has made it one of his goals to stop the lies and misinformation before it can take root.

The Biden strategy is working.

The West might not be able to stop Putin from invading, but they can make it much more difficult for him to invade and increase the consequences that Russia will pay for its actions.

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