Should WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg finally retire?

The Icon, Goldberg, is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats of professional wrestling. Few men have proven to be as dominant as the Hall of Famer, who continues to perform with the cream of the crop of today’s generation.

However, the WCW stalwart has received considerable heat from the WWE Universe for competing in recent years. Most of the heat revolves around Vince McMahon’s tendency to promote the 55-year old veteran and former Universal Champion at the expense of younger talent. Fans were livid when Goldberg dethroned The Fiend to win his second Universal title at Super Show-Down in February 2020.

The former Universal Champion recently returned for a colossal dream match against Roman Reigns, which he lost. While many have speculated that the said battle was his last, the future remains uncertain for the bonafide legend.

Why Goldberg should retire

This legendary champion is no longer a spring chicken; he is way past his prime, and his in-ring work is indicative of his declining physical condition. His match with the Undertaker in June 2019 was a complete debacle that drew the ire of the fan-base. In fact, the last “great” battle he had was with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 back in 2017.

Goldberg often has to be “carried” to a decent match by a fresher, more competent performer. The Hall of Famer cannot keep up the pace with today’s generation, and it isn’t a pleasant sight for his fans.

Moreover, there is not much left for him to do. From his infamous undefeated streak to becoming the oldest Universal Champion, few accomplishments have eluded this WCW icon.

The powerhouse has provided the WWE Universe with several memorable moments throughout his illustrious career. Fans will never forget his ring-shattering Jack Hammer on The Big Show or his stunning comeback victory over Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2016. His legacy is unmatched, and competing in sub-standard matches will only diminish his aura.

Why Golderg shouldn’t retire

This may be an unpopular opinion for his starkest critics, but Goldberg sticking around for another year or two isn’t an entirely terrible idea. The former World Heavyweight Champion does possess considerable star-power and is still a massive attraction. Vince McMahon’s tendency to bring him back for the Saudi Arabia premium events is a testament to his drawing power and his effectiveness as a needle-mover.

Hence, WWE may need to bring the man in black trunks and black boots to move the need once in a while.

Secondly, there are still some dream matches that fans would want to see. Riddle is a man who has a well-documented, real-life beef with ‘Da Man’. WWE could create magic if these two rivals were to step in the same ring and tell a great story. Big E is someone who has striking similarities with the Hall of Famer. Given that The New Day’s powerhouse has lost much of his initial momentum, a win over the certified legend would definitely provide him a much-needed boost.

Goldberg will always hold a special place in every wrestling fan’s heart. Whether he chooses to lace up the boots again is entirely up to him, but the fans will love him nonetheless.

Do you think Goldberg should retire from active competition in the ring? Or should he continue to make special appearances from time to time? Please free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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