Positive Grid’s tiny guitar amp is built for bedroom jam sessions

Positive Grid’s Spark amp is helpful for practicing musicians, but its size and heft haven’t been practical if you’ve wanted to jam in the bedroom or otherwise venture beyond your studio. Thankfully, the company now has a portable option. Positive has unveiled a Spark Mini amp that promises the digital functionality of its larger sibling in a much smaller (roughly six inches across) design you can carry wherever you want to play. The 10W device doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and supposedly delivers “punchy” bass through a downward-facing boost – there’s even a swappable grille to personalize the look.

The connected features remain the centerpiece. The Spark mobile app can automatically create backing tracks as you play, display the chords for any song (including slowdowns if you want to learn a segment) and deliver any of the 10,000-plus free guitar tones. The Spark Mini includes 33 amp models, 43 effects, and a USB interface (on top of the virtually mandatory quarter-inch guitar input and eighth-inch aux inputs) to translate your performances to creative software. The battery is useful for up to eight hours.

Positive hasn’t mentioned pricing for the Spark Mini, but it will be available to pre-order in March. It’s safe to say the minuscule amp will cost less than its $ 299 full-size counterpart, potentially making it a better value if price and versatility matter more than raw power.

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