MSNBC And Andrea Mitchell Give John Bolton A Platform To Criticize Biden on Russia

MSNBC gave a platform to John Bolton, the neo-con who got Iraq wrong, to criticize Biden on Russia.


Bolton said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, “The president announced his policy failed. He said unequivocally the Russian decision had been made. And yet you still hear today from your report that they count on holding back sanctions to maintain deterrent. If deterrent has failed, the answer is to come up with new steps, certainly to bring the guillotine down on all the sanctions they’ve been contemplating and take additional steps if they want to stop any further military action. Their admission they’re engaged in gradual escalation is a further admission of a disastrous failure of policy. ”

John Bolton Has Been Consistently Wrong About US Foreign Policy But Continues To Be Treated Like An Expert In Corporate Media

John Bolton is a neo-con, and neocons want war. Bolton has never been a supporter of diplomacy or sanctions, and John Bolton is one of the masterminds of the American failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. The one consistency about John Bolton is that he is always wrong.

MSNBC markets itself as the progressive cable news network yet provides an unchallenged platform to a person who has demonstrated nothing but foreign policy failure.

Why does the corporate media continue to reward people like John Bolton and grant them expert status when they have proven their inaccuracy and failure for decades?

MSNBC viewers deserve better than an unchecked and unchallenged John Bolton, and they have every right to be outraged by this interview.

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