Mickie James on dream opponents in WWE, AEW, and more

Mickie James is ready to wrestle anyone and everyone in 2022.

The IMPACT Knockouts Champion shocked the wrestling world when it was announced she would compete in this year’s Royal Rumble. But apparently that wasn’t satisfying enough, as James has now come out with more dream matches in WWE and beyond.

When asked about dream opponents on FITE’s Women Wrestling Talk, James named two top stars from WWE and All Elite Wrestling. The first was current AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker:

“AEW, Britt Baker, I think, period,” Mickie James said. “I feel like yeah, I really kind of, I’ve met her a few times. I’ve just recently actually got to know her, like, got to chat with her more to kind of get to know her a little bit recently. . She’s kicking down doors and doing so much amazing stuff over there. (…) She’s kicking ass. That will be fun and a unique match that people wouldn’t expect and wouldn’t expect to see, obviously. ” (12:04)

AEW’s partnership with IMPACT Wrestling seems to have run its course for now, but the IMPACT Knockouts Champion wasn’t done. She also named reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair:

“And then I always go back to Charlotte, because that’s the one person there that I didn’t get to have a match with or a feud with, never faced off with at WWE. So there’s, you know, people everywhere.” (12:42)

Mickie James picks her dream opponents from IMPACT and NWA

When it comes to her home turf, James put over IMPACT’s Jordynne Grace as a powerhouse. The Knockouts Champion took interest in Grace’s different sytle and wants to get in the ring with her:

“I am everywhere,” Mickie James said. “I would say within IMPACT, maybe Jordynne Grace … Done a lot of cool things. She is very different than me in the ring and very stylistically and just a powerhouse. I think that would be really cool.” (11:27)

Rounding out her list, Mickie James would like to wrestle NWA’s Kamille. The reason given is simply that the 28-year-old star is the reigning Women’s Champion of the historic promotion:

“NWA, I’m going to go with Kamille because she’s the champ. Period. I’ve watched her since she walked into NWA and how much she’s grown since then and just be the champion there. Represent the brand. I think she does a great job. ” (11:43)

What do you make of James’ comments? Are these some dream matches you’d like to see in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription of this interview.

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