Marvel’s Eternals Making Of Doc: 10 Fascinating Facts Learned

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Image: Marvel Studios

Most of the actors in the documentary say that putting on their supersuit made them cry. And we see why. Each one is handmade, multilayered, and painted by up to eight people at once. Sprite’s costume is the most elaborate at 18 total pieces, while several of the others are only five or six pieces. Each color and design was specific to the character’s personality and that’s why everyone reacted so personally.

No one was more touched than Bryan Tyree Henry, though. The Phastos actor would not look at himself in the mirror as he was being fit because he was a little self-conscious about how he’d look at an MCU hero. When he did see himself, he screamed and asked everyone who helped make the costume to come in the room. He thanked them for letting a black kid from North Carolina believe he could be a superhero.

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