MANDEL BRINGS THE FIRE: GOP Candidate Josh Mandel SHREDS Vicious Audience Member During Senate Debate in Black Community

OMG! This was EPIC!

Ohio Republican Senatorial candidate Josh Mandel debated liberal Morgan Harper last night in Cleveland.

The debate went completely off the rails when black audience members began to insult Mandel for daring to show up in the black community. Josh Mandel is a US Iraq War veteran and outspoken Trump supporter. He did not wilt to the insults. Instead, he fired back!

Josh Mandel was ON FIRE!

Audience member: And here you come in the black community. Put him out.

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Josh Mandel: You mean ‘put him out’ like kill him? I thought this was America where we could debate freely.

Moderator: Don’t embarrass me.

Female Audience Member: I’m not embarrassing you. But to bring that white man in the black community like that… I’m finished… But don’t you suck up to him. He’s in the black community… He called my parents thugs. Make him answer the question…

Josh Mandel: Let me tell you something, maam. I put my life in the hands of those black guys.

Moderator (losing control): Mr. Mandel!

Josh Mandel: I know black men who put their lives in my hands. The United States Marine Corp in two tours in Iraq. So don’t stand there and lecture me. Those men are my brothers. Whether they are black or they were white or they were Hispanic or they were Asian, those are my brothers in the Marine Corps. So don’t stand there and lecture me about race and color!

It’s not every day you hear a Republican handle an abusive black crowd like that!

Here are several clips from Josh Mandel’s debate with mini-AOC Morgan Harper last night.

Harper mostly just stood there on the silent stage.

Like a true Democrat, Morgan Harper refused to shake his hand after the debate.

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