Leaked photos reveal WWE’s new NXT: Level Up set design

WWE is debuting a new show soon, NXT: Level Up. The show is expected to replace 205 Live, according to a recent report. Now, pictures have emerged from the set of the new show filming before NXT.

205 Live arrived on the scene back in 2016 following the Cruiserweight Classic. Unfortunately, it never really got the surge of momentum that any show needs to become a high-ranking product. Instead, WWE relegated it by not carrying any storylines from the show on RAW or SmackDown within months of it starting. While the show was always entertaining, it was somewhat sidelined, as a result of which it never succeeded.

WWE started filming NXT: Level Up this very week instead of 205 Live, and it’s expected to broadcast during the usual timeslot of the cruiserweight show. Audiences present at the show have been sharing pictures of the set design, giving fans an idea of ​​the sort of look they can expect from WWE’s latest creation.

Getting prepped for the first episode of NXT: LVL UP https://t.co/CRfbf3VNUh

What could be different about WWE’s new show, NXT: Level Up from 205 Live?

Given the news has just emerged, fans are not yet certain of what to expect from the new show that will be replacing 205 Live. While not always followed, 205 Live was a cruiserweight show that was based on wrestlers weighing less than 205 lbs.

There has been no mention if the new NXT branded show will carry a similar weight limit or not, but it’s not expected to. The show will also run for an hour.

WWE is yet to make an announcement about the prospective end of 205 Live. If this is indeed the start of a new show and the end of the cruiserweight show, it would be an example of yet another Triple H concept that has been changed or rebranded during his apparent time away from the company.

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