How Convenient: Mysterious Extremist Group of 13 Individuals with Weapons Arrives at Freedom Convoy Protests

Canadian Mounted Police arrested 13 extremists at the Coutts Crossing Freedom Convoy protests in Alberta, Canada on Monday.

Four people were charged on Monday with “conspiracy to commit murder” following the Monday raid on their trailers at the Coutts Crossing.

Freedom Convoy organizer Marco Van Huigenbos said the individuals arrested were ‘sole operatives, acting on their own behalf.’ He says they did not represent the entire protest.

The CBC reported:

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One of the organizers of the truck convoy blockade, Marco Van Huigenbos, says protesters at the border are being peaceful.

He denies there were any threatening comments or actions that would prompt the arrests.

“Many, many videos were rolling. Many guys were standing around. I have not seen evidence that that is in fact correct. I feel like they have other motives, ”he said.

Police say a small organized group within the protest was said to have “willingness to use force against the police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade.”

This all played out nicely for Justin Trudeau and his planned announcement, also on Monday, to invoke the never-before-used Emergency Act to crack down on the Freedom Protests in Canada.

It’s as if he’s being trained by Chris Wray’s FBI.

Update: Justin Trudeau Invokes Never-Before-Used Emergency Powers Act to Quash Freedom Convoy Protests

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