Halo Infinite Forge to reportedly offer players an in-depth modding experience

New Hello Infinite leaks have surfaced, which supposedly shows a few images from the shooter’s upcoming Forge update.

According to the leak made by the Twitter handle InfiniteLeaksthe Forge will provide players with an incredibly in-depth modding experience that will allow fans to dress up their Spartans in whichever way they like.

The leaker, who is known to be quite reliable with their sources and rumors, showed the photo of the kind of tools that players would be able to employ once the update officially drops later this year.

The Forge will boast a great number of tools that fans can pick from, and many in the community feel that this will be the closest that a title from the franchise will get to offering the community absolute freedom in implementing mods.

Halo Infinite’s Forge might allow players full freedom in using modding tools

Player customizations to Halo’s maps and gameplay were first introduced in 2007 in Halo 3. Back then, it was called the map editor, which eventually grew into the much-beloved community hub as franchise veterans know today.

From the very first day of the Halo Master Chief Collection launch on PC, fans were optimistic that a more modern version of the map editor would be hitting the games on the platform.

Fortunately, 343 Industries will be introducing a similar tool and call it the Forge in Halo Infinite. Judging by the supposed leaks, the Forge indeed looks like something that could help the shooter be an incredibly popular competitive title for years to come.

Unique multiplayer modes created by the community and customized single-player experiences are sure to help keep the interest in the game alive.

Hello Infinite’s Forge mode was initially expected to come out in season 2. However, 343 Industries has pushed it further back into the year, as the developers will look to first address some of the recurring issues in the game. The mode is now set to be released with season 3 later this year.

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