Google says a fix is ​​on the way for a Pixel 6 WiFi issue

It seems some users are continuing to have some connectivity problems. Following the February update, users have flagged WiFi problems on Google’s support forums and Reddit. Thankfully, they may not have to wait much longer for a fix.

The Pixel community team that a “very small number of devices” have been impacted by the WiFi connectivity issue and that the root cause has been found. The Pixel team has developed a fix for the problem, which will be deployed as part of the Google Pixel Update in March.

That should be welcome news to users who have resorted to finding workarounds for the problem. At least one person appears to have reset their Pixel 6 on the advice of Google support and, although that temporarily resolved their WiFi issues, the problem re-emerged, according to . Other measures like resetting network settings or deleting a WiFi network from the device might have helped on a temporary basis too.

There have been other issues stemming from Pixel 6 updates. Google the Hold for Me due to a bug in the December update, the rollout of which was also over a problem with dropped calls. Here’s hoping the March update will resolve the WiFi issues without introducing another bug.

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