Google Drive’s improved search filters are rolling out to all Workspace users

Google Drive’s “search chips” designed to make it easier to find files are rolling out to all Workspace users, The Verge has reported. The new feature first arrived in beta late last yearletting you limit results by file type, modification date, location, people involved and other parameters.


Using the new feature is pretty easy, luckily. When you execute a normal search, you’ll see a list of six chips with dropdown menus: Location, File Type, People, Last Modified, Title Only and To do. Clicking or tapping on one of those will filter your search results by a relevant person in the case of people, or a date (Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, etc.).

Google Drive already offered a way to filter files, but hid that feature behind a sub-menu on the right-most icon on the search bar – so many users probably weren’t aware of its existence. The search chips are thus more of a (welcome) UI experience improvement than an all-new feature.

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