AEW star on Sammy Guevara quitting the Inner Circle

Sammy Guevara walked out on the Inner Circle on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. Fellow stablemate Ortiz stated that while things are getting out of hand, he does not blame the Spanish God for what he did on Wednesday.

The Inner Circle is one of the earliest factions in AEW. At one point, they were the biggest thing on All Elite Wrestling programming. However, recently there have been cracks within the group. Not only will Santana and Ortiz take on Chris Jericho and Jake Hager but the former LAX members blamed Chris Jericho for not allowing them to unleash their full potential.

Speaking to Chase McCabeOrtiz commented on the TNT Champion’s walk-off.

“Well, he kinda cleaned, cleaned his hands of the situation and he stepped back and is allowing us to deal with it. Mano-e-mano for lack of a better term. Yeah, I mean I don’t blame Sammy, I get where he’s at. This is kind of getting out of hand and ridiculous, and we’re just kind of fed up with Chris’s attitude as of late. He’s been very self-centered and yeah. Not to go off too much on a test , but yeah, Sammy just wants nothing to do with it and I couldn’t blame him if I was in his shoes. I’d do the same thing and focus on the TNT title. “

Sammy Guevara will take on Darby Allin on AEW Dynamite

Darby Allin will become the latest to challenge Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship on AEW Dynamite. This bout between these two of the four pillars of AEW is one of the most exciting matchups in recent memory and could go down as one of the best in 2022 so far.

A number of other matches have been announced for Dynamite. Lee Moriarty will take on Bryan Danielson while Thunder Rosa will take on Mercedes Martinez in a No DQ bout a week after the former WWE star attacked the former NWA Women’s Champion with a lead pipe.

Also on the show, Wardlow and Max Caster will battle it out to make it to the Face of the Revolution ladder match at the Revolution pay-per-view. CM Punk will also announce his stipulations and venue for the rematch against MJF.

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