5 greatest standing elbow knockouts in UFC history

It’s arguable that the elbow is the most underrated weapon in the world of MMA. Despite its effectiveness, even the UFC‘s best fighters don’t always make the most use of it. However, that isn’t always the case.

Over the years we have seen elbows used to devastating effect in the UFC. While they’re usually seen as ground weapons, standing elbows are often even more violent.

Tuivasa elbow! Highly underutilized weapon but when done well… ???????? Exciting fight between two likable guys.

Standing elbow knockouts are unfortunately few and far between in the octagon. When they do happen, they tend to both shock and impress the fans – and usually net the fighter using them with a $ 50k bonus.

Here are the five best standing elbow knockouts in UFC history.

# 5. Johnny Walker vs. Khalil Rountree – UFC Fight Night 140

Johnny Walker & # 039; s octagon debut saw him stop Khalil Rountree with a vicious elbow strike
Johnny Walker’s octagon debut saw him stop Khalil Rountree with a vicious elbow strike

Light heavyweight wildman Johnny Walker is all set to headline this weekend’s UFC Fight Night event against fellow prospect Jamahal Hill. His reputation as an exciting fighter stems from his willingness to throw low-percentage strikes on a regular basis.

One such low-percentage strike was the vicious standing elbow that he used to knock out feared striker Khalil Rountree in his octagon debut back in November 2018.

Rountree was coming off a big knockout of his own over former K-1 star Gokhan Saki. Evidently, Walker realized the threat that ‘The War Horse’ posed from long range.

As the fight began, then, the Brazilian wasted no time in closing the distance and grabbing Rountree in a Thai plum clinch. From there, he nailed him with a short-range right elbow to the temple, switching his lights off in a flash.

‘The War Horse’ fell to the ground. While Walker followed with some punches, they weren’t really needed as it was clear that the TUF finalist was done.

This elbow knockout remains one of the nastiest we’ve ever seen in the octagon, not least because when the shot landed, it sounded like Rountree’s skull had been cracked like an egg being dropped. It also instantly turned Walker into a man to keep an eye on at 205 pounds.

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